Recovery Happens at the Speed of Relationships. Empowering emergent neighborhood leadership in our communities.


> Speed up the Rebuild
> Reduce Construction Costs 
> Create Greater Equity

The Zone Captains Program will empower emergent neighborhood leadership in our communities to band together and start speaking with a unified voice. Zone captains are engaged residents who are willing to talk to their neighbors and communicate needs from the bottom up, while advocating for top-down resources through empowered communication and information-sharing. Using proven success stories from other fire-affected communities, various recovery organizations are supporting the Zone Captains program to create community engagement during the recovery.

Ready to join your neighbors and find your zone?

Other Ways To Get Involved

The Zone Captains program needs YOUR HELP!

Please consider making a tax deductable donation to support the Zone Captains program. Every dollar helps create greater community engagement during the recovery!

Zone Captains should be prepared to engage by:

  • Meeting regularly with their neighbors to share rebuilding questions, resources, and needs specific to their community

  • Reporting back to community leaders, electeds, and decision-makers with current needs, information, and requests

  • Maintaining a unifying and collaborative spirit that seeks to bring a wide variety of voices to the table

  • Be willing to problem solve and arrive at consensus amidst a diversity of views and solutions

  • Using basic computer skills, telephone trees, and other means of effective networking to meet your neighbors where they are at

  • Agreeing to uphold a Code of Conduct in your work as a Zone Captain

  • Be willing to undergo periodic trainings to integrate equitable and trauma-informed practices into their day-to-day work

Fast Facts:

  • Effective community organizing in the wake of a natural disaster inevitably happens on a block-by-block, house-by-house basis.

  • Past experience has shown that using Zone Captains can speed up recovery and reduce costs to the community in the long term, while increasing equity. In one instance, a fire-affected community using the Zone Captains approach was 97% rebuilt after only 3 years, compared to other communities that were less than halfway rebuilt over the same period.

  • The Zone Captains approach can save money and time in the long term, create accountability, reduce redundancies, and help resist disaster capitalism if communities take the time to set it up initially.

  • Government leaders are much more likely to welcome community input and share information and resources with a well-organized representative constituency. We have already seen that happening first-hand as city, county, and state officials have reached out to emergent leaders in our community for involvement.

  • We continue to grow our partners in this program’s creation (currently involving representatives from Phoenix/Talent School District, the Latinx community, elderly, low income residents, business owners, agricultural communities, and mobile home owners), and will soon start to assign Zone Captains.

Zone Captains FAQs:

No. Displaced residents and business owners with a keen desire to return to their former neighborhoods can be Zone Captains. That said, previous or ongoing residency/business operation in the affected zone is a requirement. Zone Captains are powerful because—as a member of these fire affected zones—they have a better understanding of the community needs and a hyper-localized approach that can allow for a culturally-appropriate response for their neighborhood.

Yes. We are working to provide voice-to-text translation services for neighborhood zoom meetings, and whenever possible will work to make sure resources are available in both English and Spanish.

Yes. We feel that multiple engaged voices can create a more holistic recovery approach, and both business and residential zones should have a variety of voices at the table. In regards to residential zones with an identified latino/a/x population needing greater inclusion, it is the intention of the program to provide a latino/a/x Co-Captain to ensure an equitable recovery from beginning to end.

Yes and No. Computer literacy is certainly a skill that will be valued in a Zone Captain (especially during the time of Covid) and will weigh in any final decision regarding hiring. The ability to communicate upward to decision-makers, host zoom meetings for social distance, and disseminate resources will likely require some amount of electronic communication. That said, if a zone is serving a population with widespread computer illiteracy issues it is reasonable to expect that a Zone Captain (or more likely, a co-captain) who is not fluent in digital communications can serve their neighborhood.

Our Programs

Recovery Dashboard

Who is rebuilding? Who is already back home? What are the plans for the businesses affected by the fire, and when can we expect the affordable housing to land? Firebrand Resiliency Collective has launched the Almeda Fire Loss & Recovery Dashboard to help answer these very questions. The Dashboard is a visual, map-based portal of information that provides an intuitive way to understand recovery on a neighborhood and community level.  Explore our community’s recovery today.

Zone Captains

The Almeda Fire Zones Captains program empowers and employs fire-affected residents to make their communities’ needs known, share resources, and advocate for their community as key stakeholders with decision makers. Since launching the program last year with our partners, Zone Captains have become an integral part of our Valley’s recovery: speeding up the rebuild while reducing costs, creating equity, and integrating mental health services in support of community resilience. We accomplished so much in 2021, and the work will continue.

Support Our Mission​

Achieving our mission would not be possible without the continued support of our local community, dedicated foundations, private donors, government agencies, and the countless others who continue to reinforce our approach to community resilience. Together, we can overcome the many obstacles of wildfire recovery on the path to restoration. Please, consider supporting our work today.​

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